Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today's pick to click: The Literary Gangs of Chicago

If you're downtown tonight at, say, 6:30, check out the Literary Gangs of Chicago at the MCA, featuring one of my favorites, Schadenfreude. If you have time, listen to some of their shows that appeared on WBEZ. The link to the archives is at left (scroll down). Also appearing will be Chicago Tribune columnist and blogger Eric Zorn and some other writers. Present in the audience will be a certain unnamed blogger looking for something or someone to make fun of.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey it's 7pm, why am I not getting an on the spot report. Oh that's right, the city doesn't have a city wide wifi system setup and robably not in the works either, unlike Tempe or Philadephia among many others.

7:27 PM  
Blogger ap said...

even if the city did have wifi I would probably be too big of a cheapskate to own a laptop with a wireless card ...
um, schadenfreude did not disappoint, but the other readers could've been better ... the Guinness afterwards at Pippin's was quite good, and made me wish that I hung out downtown more often

9:54 PM  

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