Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blagojevich to face challenger in primary, why not two?

From a recent conversation:

Someone said that Jesse Jr. and Luis Gutierrez recently met to discuss which one will run against Daley. If they both ran, they'd split the minority vote, and Daley would get re-elected. One idea that came up was that one should run for mayor and the other for governor. This idea was shot down because Blagojevich is running for re-election, and it would be bad form for someone to challenge him in the Democratic primary.

Well ... turns out that Blago will face a challenger in that primary: Edwin Eisendrath, a former Chicago alderman, announced his campaign today. In light of that, here's what I think would be a very interesting two years in Illinois politics:

Jesse Jackson Jr. for governor in '06!

Luis Gutierrez for mayor in '07!


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