Monday, December 19, 2005

Possible slogan: Put Forrest in charge of the forests

Alert reader art attack alerted me to the fact that "Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley announced today that he is dropping out of the race for County Board president and is throwing his support behind fellow Commissioner Forrest Claypool to unseat incumbent John Stroger," as reported in the Trib.

I'm not sure exactly what the County Board does for Chicago, other than raise cigarette taxes, and I don't know all that much about Stroger, except that he proposed increasing the county tax on smokes by $1 per pack today, but I do know this: If the board has anything at all to do with the forest preserves, then I totally want a guy named Forrest Claypool in charge.


Anonymous art attack said...

actually the big reason I hate Stroger is that he has a new hospital built and a. has it named after himself, b. deems it necessary to tear down the old hospital even though it is a historic building that many developers wantt o save and turn into other uses and c. he is an asswipe. Also, he walks hand in hand with the Daley machine and serves up patronage like no one else currenly, not even da mare, and wants to pay for all his excesses with taxes while the forest preserves whither and die and other county services suffer as well. But I am done complaining and looking forward to help out Claypool unseat this jerk.

10:31 PM  

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