Monday, December 19, 2005

The Pole's Poll #2: Winter parking ban

Get out your shovels and dig this poll.

How do you feel about the Chicago tradition of saving winter parking spaces with furniture?
Love it! It makes our city look so homey.
It's cool, and I've extended the tradition by reserving the sidewalk in front of my house (which I had to clear of snow) for my family's private use.
It's OK. All the chairs give me a place to rest up on the walk from my car to apartment since I have to park so far away.
Don't like it. What's next? Are they going to set up some system where only neighborhood residents who buy permits can park on certain streets?
Hate it! Makes me realize that other people's junk furniture is better than what I have in my living room.

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Anonymous adp said...

The furniture looks sooo bad out there but it always cracks me up. I'd never reserve my own space but for the first day or two after a storm, I'm not too crabby when I see dibs taking place. But I personally think that anything that discourages people from driving is good (I deserve to pay a whole lot in gas and search for a spot if I want the convenience of driving.)

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANYONE who doesn't appreciate the time-honored tradition of saving parking spots in the winter is not a true Chicagoan and is hereby invited to return to his homestate of Michigan or Ohio or wherever it is that they disapprove of this kind of behavior!

How about it, Andy Plonka, are you a true Chicagoan??

7:25 PM  
Blogger ap said...

damn, my personal favorite answer is not winning ... in fact, it's losing. what do I do? can I cheat?

9:57 PM  
Anonymous adp said...

It's your blog. I'd be more then happy to log onto to every computer I can get my hands on and vote for your personal fav. I voted honestly but it still wasn't representative of my true opinion. I would have prefered one that said "It's OK for a couple of days. Then we should light the bitches up and make smores over their charred remains in the petrochemical spewing fires." But that's just me. Or possibly "Get rid of them - why are people all so damn lazy and ill-willed that they can't even do 10 minutes of public service shoveling out a damn parking spot while expecting nothing in return?"

11:51 PM  

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