Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Governor's race? What governor's race?

On my one-mile walk to work through Edgewater, how many candidate-for-governor signs have I spotted in the past month? Exactly zero. Instead, residents are concerned with local issues.
Block after block, front lawns display these signs, so you can't say people aren't political. Perhaps they're all Democrats?
I'm just not so sure why these people are so opposed to highrises on Broadway. They've got their three-quarter-million-dollar single-family homes with plenty of street parking and garages. Why not let even more affluent people move to the area? It would only bring in more businesses. As it is, there are plenty of vacant storefronts on Clark, and with more local residents, who knows, maybe some smart capitalist will turn this into the next Clybourn Corridor with suburban-style shopping for all.


Anonymous The MOM said...

Thought I'd add this to your interesting observations - "On March 21st Vote 'Yes 48'if You Want to Restore Public Process to the 48th Ward!"
Now I'm not even IN your ward but I know how I'd vote if I was!!!

12:59 PM  
Blogger ap said...

I live a block outside of the 48th. And I'm not sure I even understand what "'Yes 48'if You Want to Restore Public Process to the 48th Ward!" means ...

3:13 PM  

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