Friday, February 17, 2006

Questions (and answers) about the cartoon controversy

Where can I see these cartoons?
Try a university's student newspaper, such as this pdf file from the Northern Star.

Why a student newspaper? Why not a professional newspaper?
Professional newspapers are corporate-run, and afraid of losing advertisers. They are becoming less and less relevant, and soon you'll have to get all your news on-line.

So why did the Daily Illini dump two editors for publishing the cartoons?
At the University of Illinois, they are obviously trying to teach the kids the pains of real-world journalism, where the publisher, not the editor, decides what gets published.

What's the worst thing that ever happened when you were a college journalist?
Well, one time I wrote a column making fun of Sycamore, and all the advertisers from that town threatened to stop advertising in the Northern Star if I wasn't fired. We told them to fuck off. At least I think we did.

Wow, you're cool. Anyway, what's so offensive about these cartoons?
Muslims believe their prophet is Da Bomb! These cartoons make him look like the bomb.

Can't we all just agree?
Actually, we can't even agree on how to spell the prophet's name. Some say it's Muhammad. Others, Mohammad. Then there's
Mohammed, Muhammed, and sometimes Mahomet.

Why can't we see pictures of the guy, however you spell his name?
Can you really draw a picture of love? Or hate? Or terror, for that matter?

Is it true that some newspapers from the Arab world publish horrifying anti-American and anti-Semitic cartoons?
Oh, come on, there's no comparison between these and cartoons mocking a religion with a billion-plus followers.

Aren't you afraid of going to hell with that flip attitude of yours?
I'm already there, my friend. Already there.


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The world is becoming a very scary place.

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