Friday, February 17, 2006

News haikus: Faster than Newsradio 78

All the news that fits ... in 17 syllables.

In Carrollton, Ill.:
Two year old unhurt
As van runs red light, crashes.
He was the driver.

In Battle Creek, Michigan:
State sex registry
For crimes 'gainst humans, not me,
Says man who raped sheep.

In Wisconsin:
Lawmakers seek ban:
Intelligent design has
No place in science.

In Wisconsin:
Obsessed with door knobs
Man took dozens from work sites.
New fixation: Bars

At Kennedy Airport in New York:
Expensive show dog--
Sick of airline travel cage--
Wins prize in escape.

At the University of Georgia:
Acceptance letters
Sent to hundreds in error.
Next letter says "no."

In Florida:
Why are kids so fat?
Gym teacher took a buck each
From kids to skip class.

In Tehran, Iran:
Angry 'bout cartoons,
Name change for Danish pastry.
Just like "freedom" fries.


Anonymous Mr. Molitor said...

I agree that News radio 78 is very short on content But there are many times it's nice to hear quick snippets on the major news events around the world. I know many people who read this would rather listen to NPR which is fine but sometimes listening to 20 minutes stories such as how an old lady makes candles and sells them is a little too much. I typically listen on the car radio on short trips. It beats listening to the shock jocks.

10:03 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

mr. molitor
has a short attention span
when it comes to news

4:48 PM  

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