Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pole's Poll #4: Television can be deadly

CINCINNATI -- The mummified body of a woman who didn't want to be buried was found in a chair in front of her television set 2-1/2 years after her death in Cincinnati, authorities said. An air conditioner kept her body from stinking up the house. The TV set was on ...

What killed her?
Reality TV
Something to do with Regis
FOX News
Antiques Roadshow
A cooking show


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Anonymous The Mom said...

Your link goes to the store about the skull falling out of the ceiling. I know it's a skull-driven article, but you need to redo that link.

1:28 PM  
Blogger ap said...

thanks ... I think I fixed it. The other story was pretty good too ... some people were rehabbing their house and a skull with a bullet hole dropped down from the ceiling

1:47 PM  
Anonymous jenska said...

This is the opposite of your column about dying while/after achieving a lifelong thrill or accomplishment! The worst part is no one thought to visit or contact her for 2.5 sad.

3:12 PM  
Blogger ap said...

I don't know ... I could see:
"Where's grandma?"
"She's upstairs watching her shows! Leave her alone."


TV can be somebody's thrill. I know I can't wait to see the spills on "Skating with Stars."

3:31 PM  
Anonymous jenska said...

Unfortunately I think TV DOES qualify as many, many people's thrill. I'm all for watching the tube, but I hope that it never gets to the point where that's the highlight of every day. Then again, a new season of the Bachelor did just begin!

4:27 PM  

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