Saturday, January 07, 2006

Are you prepared for disaster?

A new city website is up and running, containing advice on how to survive a natural disaster or terrorist attack. recommends that families sit down and prepare for the worst. One of the recommendations is to keep emergency supply kits handy.

Are we back to the days of duct tape from the post-9/11 days ... or the recommendations of hiding under a table in case of atomic warfare during the Cold War? Perhaps, so ... I'm wondering what people are keeping in their emergency supply kit.

Margot, the Matron of Mortgages
"Well, dear, just like the city website recommends, my family and I each have drinking water, canned food, first aid supplies, a flashlight and a battery powered radio. We've designated a place to meet, escape routes, and created lists of people to contact in case we're ever separated. I suggest you do the same."

Stan, the Streets and Sans Answer Man
"I've got everything I need to hunt and survive a winter in my backwoods Wisconsin cabin in the back of my Suburban--rifle, ammo, a knife to skin the animals, a couple a cases of Old Milwaukee, you know, that kinda stuff. When the stuff hits the fan, I'm outta here!"

Pedro, the Paperboy
"Emergency? What kind of emergency we gonna see in the barrio that we can't handle without some kit? Gimme a break, man! I crossed the border with nothing but a Super Big Gulp filled with water. I can handle a little natural disaster in Chicago."

Marek, my Polish cousin
"I always keep my passport and a necktie in the trunk of my car ... you never know when you'll have to stand up in a shotgun wedding in Slovakia. I used to keep a bottle of vodka also, but that kind of emergency comes up every other day, so it never lasted."


Blogger FresH20 said...

As for emergencies: As they say in Red America - "If ya can't duct it, fuck it!" Have a role in a drawer and you'll do just fine.

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