Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don't be cruel, old man; use a weapon next time

"When he started pouring, I could see the steam coming out. That's how I could tell what he was doing. What bothers me most is that he would stop pouring and watch that animal writhing in the cage. And when it stopped writhing, he would pour again." —A witness describing her neighbor as he poured scalding hot water on a gray squirrel he had trapped in a cage in Crystal Lake Sunday.

"The animals, it seem they have more rights than anybody." —The 75-year-old man, who now faces misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and unlawfully trapping of a squirrel. He also said squirrels have damaged the windows in his garage, chewed a hole through a garage door and dug holes around his yard.

I think the man might be able to mount a defense here. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website, the squirrel (fox and gray) hunting season is between Aug. 1, 2005 and Jan. 20, 2006, running from half-an-hour before sunset to half-an-hour after sunset, with a daily limit of five. Then again, maybe you're supposed to kill this small game with a high-powered rifle or crossbow.


Anonymous The Mom said...

Jay Leno reported yesterday that a man threw a mouse into his bonfire after angrily catching it in his home. The mouse freaked, ran back into the house and the man's home burnt to the ground. Poetic justice?

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Molitor said...

First of all, It should be a felony not a misdemeanor This Jackass should go to jail. Also here are 2 solutions:

1.Trap and release the animals in a forest preserve far away.

2. Use urine on the garage to deter the animal. a friend had trouble with racoons digging into the roofs. He "marked his territory" on the roof. Hence, problem solved......

11:37 AM  
Anonymous jen said...

indeed, this after the mouse story, just... amazing.

i also wonder why people can't just confront their neighbors about this shit rather than bringing the police into it?

11:51 AM  
Anonymous art attack said...

mr. molitor, is that why after drinking a few too many beers you pee on everything? trying to keep the racoons away? Or is it the eagles?

-also, the mouse story has been debunked. The fire chief came out and said that the mouse was dead when he dropped it into the fire and that strong gusts of wind sparked the house on fire.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Molitor said...

I haven't had any animal attacks lately

1:03 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

the mouse story has NOT been debunked:

so does this mean that guy will be charged with animal cruelty, too? for trapping a mouse that was shitting all over his house?

1:16 PM  
Anonymous art attack said...

wel, well, well. It seems the old coot is proud of the mouse story so he is keeping to the lie, but once he faces animal cruelity charges, he just might change his story (again)

1:41 PM  
Blogger Marley6 said...

i'm old school. i say we get to put him in a cage and pour hot liquid on him every time he stops writhing in pain.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous jenska said...

Torturing living creatures? Isn't that sign #1 of a psychopath?? Animal cruelty laws aren't about keeping pests out of your home. It's not an issue to most people if you use a rat-trap to quickly kill a rat or mouse. Yes, if you throw a living thing in a fire it will probably die quickly, but it's still sick. And this squirrel-torturer was obviously using his method as entertainment.

1:13 AM  
Anonymous The Mom said...

Thanks Jen, whoever you are, for making my point. If this idiot wants to stick to his story, he needs to be treated as a criminal. Same with the squirel guy. What is happening to people when they can't even understand that all life should be treated with dignity, even the smallest animal. Insects now .... that's another story.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous jenska said...

All insects and wee creatures perform some use in our urban ecosystem. I'm not against killing the pests in your home or treating them as small-game (if you're freakin' starving -- not for fun). But at least respect the fact that they have a central nervous system (of course I'm not talking about cockroaches) and can feel pain, and likely fear. Amen, "the mom," I agree.

3:16 PM  

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