Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pedro the Paperboy delivers yesterday's news

UAL To Leave Bankruptcy About Feb. 1

ELK GROVE VILLAGE (ap) — After successfully dumping its pension program and reneging on longstanding union contracts, United Airlines' parent company said Monday it has launched its bankruptcy exit financing loan of up to $3 billion, effectively starting the countdown toward the conclusion of its 37-month restructuring in federal bankruptcy court.

United's weaknesses are somewhat mitigated by the company's reductions in labor costs and other financial obligations it has achieved in bankruptcy, according to an S&P analyst.

Pedro's Perspective: "Yup, as soon as they set a precedent by eliminating their pension plan, something every other airline will have to do in order to compete, United all of a sudden looks profitable to Wall Street."

Illinois Lottery To Fund Fight Against Breast Cancer

CHICAGO (ap) — A new lottery game began in Illinois yesterday that's designed to help fund breast cancer research and treatment.

People interested in donating money for breast cancer research can instead play the new instant game, "Ticket for the Cure.''

Pedro's Perspective: "You know what, if I win that game, I'm gonna do some T&A research of my own over at the Admiral. You can tell my wife it's for a good cause."

Wealthy GOP Candidate Won't Seek Campaign Funds

CHICAGO (ap) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Gidwitz says — if elected — he won't raise any campaign money for the first two years of his administration.

Gidwitz said that elected officials spend too much time trying to get re-elected and not enough time governing. He also also won't accept campaign contributions from state contractors or employees.

Pedro's Perspective: "There's something weird about this Gidwitz. I mean, he's heir to the Helene Curtis fortune, but he has no hair. How can the heir have no hair?"

Gidwitz said he's also considering whether he'll take a salary if he's elected governor, but he didn't mention if he'd get a hairpiece that resembles the current governor's mane.


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