Tuesday, January 24, 2006

UPDATE: Governor agrees to pay part of the ransom

SPRINGFIELD (ap) -- Saying "whatever you do, don't release that swimsuit calendar," aides to Gov. Blagojevich Monday promised up to $100 million more for Chicago public schools in the governor's next budget, but city school officials said even more help is needed to avoid teacher job cuts next school year.

Chicago still needs relief from a new $70 million pension tab, warned Pedro Martinez, CPS budget chief.

"Even if we get everything [the governor] has promised, we would still have to cut [in the classroom] because of the pension issue,'' Martinez said.

The school district will look to the corporate world for innovative ways to deal with "the pension issue." With Ford joining other major corporations in announcing 50,000 job cuts, many wonder if we really need an educated workforce anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

>Chicago still needs relief from
>a new $70 million pension tab,
>warned Pedro Martinez, CPS
>budget chief.

Man, I loved Pedro when he pitched for Boston! I guess you have one bad year,, they trade you to the CPS.

Better than the Cubs, I suppose.

7:16 AM  
Blogger ap said...

That's a good one ... I totally missed the name.

But at least the Cubs picked up some guy who won't even be able to pitch until June. Guess they're already waiting until next-next year.

7:35 AM  

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