Monday, December 04, 2006

Teachers off on a spending spree

News Item: Chicago public school teachers received an early Christmas present in their paychecks Friday -- a surprise $50 gift card to spend on their classrooms.
And what will they spend this windfall on? Let's ask the 2006 CPS "Golden Apple" winners:

Back row, left to right:
Mr. Swanson, math: Number 2 pencils to replace all the old ones currently stuck in classroom ceiling
Ms. Newbee, English: One HP color cartridge for classroom printer so students can print out pretty covers on next essay
Ms. Stanley, computers: Boxes of floppy disks currently on clearance, even though new computers don't have floppy drives
Ms. Brokowski, Spanish: Latest Shakira DVD, great for week before Christmas when kids aren't doing work anyway
Ms. Jacobson, English: Thank-you notes and postage to thank administration for this generous gift
Ms. Watanabe, special education: Five $10 gift certificates for winning students in "let's see who can stay quiet the longest" contest
Mr. Wright, physical education: Cool new whistle
Ms. Bowler, science: Replacement bulb for overhead projector
Ms. Ronnett, education to careers: Resume paper and envelopes
Ms. Phusion, history: Batteries for digital camera
Ms. Ravenswood, home economics: Aspirin, lots and lots of aspirin
Mr. Hand, theater: Three or four cartoon-character neckties at T.J. Maxx
Ms. Flounder, French: Ingredients for classroom food fair

Front row, left to right:
Ms. Drakken, English as a Second Language: Subscription to the New Yorker so children can learn English by deciphering the cartoons
Ms. Rosen, English: Cliff's Notes for the next three novels that I'll be teaching but have never read
Ms. Witt, math: Number 2 pencils to replace all the ones stolen by Mr. Swanson's students
Ms. Kingston, music: A couple of drum sticks
Ms. Stronger, art: Five gallons of paint, so students can paint classroom walls, which are chipping away
Ms. White, physical education: Booze


Anonymous the mom said...

Hey, I think I know most of those teachers, especially that Spanish teacher with the Shakira DVD. She was looking for it in my car last week when we were driving to school.

2:51 PM  

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