Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tips for safe winter driving

The Illinois Department of Transportation and the independent research organization FACT offer these tips for driving safely in winter:

Check your vehicle's wipers, tires, lights and fluid levels. If your vehicle does not have any of these items, make sure you sound your horn continuously while driving so others will get out of your way.

Equip your car with a "winter storm Survivor kit," including a cell phone and charger, the new Survivor blanket (made of soft fabric that feels great to the skin), a Survivor auto sun shade, waterproof matches to melt snow for drinking water, high-quality, nonperishable food, and the Survivor Universal Pocket 8 in 1 Adventure Kit--Be prepared for anything that might cross your path with this multi- function tool. The tool functions as a whistle, temperature gauge, red light, compass, pill compartment, magnifying glass, pull apart cord and light reflector. Purchase your "winter storm Survivor kit" items here.

If stuck in snow, set hazard lights to flashing and tie a colored cloth, preferably red, to antenna, window or door. Then, make sure you floor the accelerator as your tires spin helplessly, creating heat and smoke until they reach dry pavement. If still unable to get out of your parking spot, alternate between forward and reverse and spin those tires until someone comes along and pushes you out.

Call 800-452-4368 for the latest road conditions of Illinois interstate and freeway systems. For the best Chinese food options in the city, see the fine folks at chicagoist: "We had a craving for some General Tso's Chicken. ... What separated Yang's version of General Tso over others we've had were the crispness of the broccoli and the spice: a pleasant, lingering heat that didn't intensify as we cleared our plate. Coupled with two egg rolls that weren't soaked in grease and didn't scorch the roof of our mouth, the total cost of the meal was $8.95. As po' as we are right now, that was definitely a price we could live with."


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