Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reporters converge in largest-ever snipe hunt

LAKE COUNTY, IND. (ap) -- Donning flak jackets and bulletproof helmets, reporters from around the country have converged on Northwest Indiana, pursuing the hottest story in the Midwest--the elusive Cline Avenue sniper.

As police worked to uncover sniper nests, several networks and national publications joined forces this week to saturate a highway where a potential sniper has struck nine times. Drawing on their recent experience in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, reporters put on their protective gear and some even were embedded in State Police patrols. However, with officers unable to gather any evidence or leads in the case, many of the news services grew restless, wondering if they were publicizing nothing more than a snipe hunt.

"We need at least one or two shootings this weekend to maintain viewership," a CNN spokesperson said. "But we are determined to stay the course. At least until another story breaks, like a killer heat wave or flood or something."

Traffic remained heavy on Cline during rush hour Friday with many motorists vowing not to change their routines, despite the additional camera equipment along the route.


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