Friday, August 04, 2006

Heat wave kills 50% of local man's flowers

CHICAGO (ap) -- There was another spike in the heat-related death toll Friday as a local gardener/medical examiner reported a new heat-related death, bringing the total for the recent heat wave to 18 plants and people.

An examination of a window ledge flower box revealed that one-half of Andy Planet's flowers died as a result of the five-day heat wave, which ended with a massive thunderstorm earlier this week. Found on a window sill in direct sunlight with no air conditioning, the flower likely died as a result of heat stress.

As the death toll climbs, city officials are quick to point out that the figure is still just a fraction of the 700 flower varieties killed in the 1995 heat wave.

The latest victim was not yet identified, though a picture was made available.


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