Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Mayor Daley will bring back from China

Mayor Daley is in China trying to dodge questions about hiring scandals and what-not. Just kidding, I know he'd never purposefully try to distance himself from what's been going on in his administration. He's actually touring China hoping to get public support for an Olympics bid. He's thinking about the future. He wants you to know that, no matter what, he will be mayor until at least 2016.

As we all know, when Daley goes overseas, he brings back ideas. Cows on Parade. Wrought iron fences. Rooftop gardens. These are all souvenirs from Daley's taxpayer-paid fact-finding missions from around the world.

Yesterday, after receiving a hero's welcome at a local school from students thinking they were meeting actor Danny DeVito, Daley hinted that he has been learning a lot. "I come here to learn from a wonderful principal and a wonderful staff here and bring back the ideas of what is working here in China to Chicago," Daley said.

According to Daley administration sources, here are some of the Chinese ideas Daley is mulling over:

School uniforms

How to deal with public health concerns

Job opportunities

Bike lane regulations

How to deal with a special prosecutor


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