Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another embarrassing week

Sorry about not posting in about a week. I've been trying to get over a severe case of Conan O'Brien fever. As anyone who reads the newspapers or watches TV news knows, the late night talk show host brought his program to Chicago last week, and the majority of the city went absolutely ape-shit.

You know you live in a second-rate city with a major inferiority complex when just about everyone goes ga-ga over any old minor celebrity.

Morning news teams devoted entire segments to recapping jokes.
Anchor 1: Yuk, yuk, did you hear what Conan said about Mayor Daley last night?
Anchor 2: Yeah, he said that Daley is in the Middle East. He can't believe that the people there hate each other as much as Cubs and Sox fans do.
Anchor 1: Oh yeah, that was great, wasn't it?

Newspapers devoted front page space to scandalous revelations.
Obama taps O'Brien as running mate

And then those standing ovations. At the start of each taped show last week, fans at the Chicago Theater stood and clapped for three or more minutes. They were so in awe and in love with that pesky red-headed comic on stage. It's not exactly the most compelling TV, listening to audience members applaud, and then hearing them randomly shout stuff during the show. (Later that night, the audience members could watch the show and be like, "Dude, did ya hear me? I was on television!") Then again, people across the country could learn something about this city.

We just want to be loved. Anyone could come here and we'll laugh, we'll applaud, we'll do anything, just please please please tell us, "Hello, Chicago, it's great to be here."


Blogger kevin said...

As a proud native of this city it always makes me cringe whenever they haul that fat-ass George Wendt out to represent the prototypical Chicagoan. Based on that stereotype, the rest of the world must think we are a bunch of beer-swilling, sausage & cheese-fry eating superfans with mustaches.

Mmmmmmmmm, cheese fries.

8:51 AM  
Blogger ap said...

So, I'll see you in the hot dog line at the Sox game tomorrow?

10:31 AM  
Anonymous d-cash said...

What! Conan O'Brien a "minor" celebrity?!! Sacre bleu!

4:13 PM  

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