Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some late morning hot air hot off the ap wires

City planners to give wind machines a whirl

This spring, city planners said Monday, wind turbines will be mounted on Chicago buildings to produce electricity.

The projects will provide answers about how practical and affordable wind power can be here, said Sadhu Johnston, the city's environment commissioner. Some day, turbines could be on top of commercial and residential buildings all over Chicago.

"Lord knows our politicians release enough hot air into the atmosphere to get those turbines to generate enough electricity for the entire metro region," he said.

Stroger: I'll no longer accept donations from 'sensitive positions'

Cook County Board President John Stroger said Monday he would no longer accept campaign contributions from employees in "sensitive positions" such as the inspector general, auditor, ethics chief, and doggie style.

On Monday, the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that Stroger has accepted almost $9,000 in campaign contributions from employees in those offices. Stroger acknowledged "those guys probably don't have any more to give," so he'll stop asking.

And here's one that is true. Can't possibly make it any funnier, except to say that it explains a lot about those people living to our north ...

Woman flicks matches, dies in fire

MILWAUKEE -- A woman who died in a fire at her home sparked the blaze while flicking lighted matches at her sleeping boyfriend in an effort to awaken him, police said.

Capt. Eric Moore said Monday that Beverly Gibbs, 49, had been trying to talk to her boyfriend early Sunday. "She had become upset because she wanted to talk to him and he refused get out of bed, so what she started doing was lighting matches, flicking them at him," Moore said.

The mattress caught fire, and the man tried to drag it out a door, accidentally setting other items on fire, Moore said.

"Once he was outside, she never came out of the burning residence," Moore said.


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