Thursday, January 26, 2006

Daley finds it harder to get what he wants

CHICAGO (ap) -- The Hired Truck, city hiring and minority contracting scandals have weakened Mayor Daley politically and emboldened normally timid aldermen to go so far as looking him in the eye.

The Daley Show has taken a closer look and come to a not-so-surprising conclusion: A Chicago City Council long known as a rubber stamp is exhibiting a "new level of independence."

From Nov. 26, 2004, through Dec. 15, 2005, there were 20 instances of brown M&M's in Daley's candy dish, compared to just two during the prior 18 months. A special City Hall rules states, "There will be no brown M&M's in the mayor's presence, upon pain of forfeiture of the council meeting, with full compensation for the mayor."

"People see a weaker Daley," said Ald. Michael Chandler (24th), "and so they're fucking with him."

Since his first election in 1989, Daley has demanded that no alderman look him directly in the eye; in fact, they are to look no higher than his knees. Recently, though, "a relatively young, more racially and sexually representative City Council has begun to act with a new level of independence. ... They are beginning to try and act like genuine legislators with an agenda and minds of their own," according to the study.

"I actually looked at his face at lunch the other day, and you know what? I think he might be cross-eyed," said Ald. Arenda Troutman (20th). "He was looking at his sandwich at the time, so he didn't see me looking, but I swear there's something wrong with his eyes."

Another one of Daley's demands is to have a physician on hand before every council session to inject him with a Vitamin B12 shot. His contract also specifies that it is "absolutely necessary" that all food in the chambers "must be covered by clear plastic wrap" until he uncovers them.

"Mayor Daley has more control over the City Council than any other mayor in Chicago history," the report found. "Nonetheless, because of the continuing ... scandals at City Hall, Mayor Daley's political strength has weakened, and someone has been willing to uncover that plastic wrap, or at least poke it."


Anonymous The Mom said...

Sounds like a principal I know. This was a great read to start the day!

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Blogger ap said...

If every single person who likes The Daley Show passed it on to one friend, by now I'd have at least 13 readers. Now I know that the mom has passed it on to others, what about the rest of you?

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