Monday, December 05, 2005

Time for an annual election that means something

Chicagoans get to vote for a new city sticker for their cars starting today. There are ten finalists, all designed by local high school students. I like this one because, although I've never actually seen it, it looks to me like the house Mayor Daley called home growing up on South Emerald Avenue in Bridgeport.

Like every year, I submitted an entry to the contest and, just like every year, I didn't make the cut. My design this year included a Streets and Sans man putting the Denver boot on an elderly, low-income resident's car while, in the background, some jerk was parking his BMW at a fire hydrant so he could run into the Starbucks on the corner, and an alderman was taking what looks like a wad of money from a small business owner. Maybe next year I'll win, when the theme will be "Chicago, City on the Take."

You're supposed to vote for your favorite sticker somewhere here, even though I didn't see where when I checked earlier today. Even if you don't live in the city, check out how much we have to pay each year, compare that with your town, and thank the Lord that you don't live here.


Blogger buytrafficforblog said...

yeah absolutely the design is great

6:15 AM  
Anonymous jenska said...

What exactly does the revenue from the city sticker fund, anyway?? And, though I really miss living in the city, how excited was I to find out how CHEAP Brookfield's sticker was!

9:28 AM  
Blogger ap said...

Because of the energy prices being what they are, the city needs more money to pay for the gas of squad cars that drive around the city looking for cars without city stickers.
Um, actually I don't know what the revenue funds. Politicians' re-election funds? Advertising? Building web sites?

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

City Stickers are nice and all but please write about the greatest travesty to happen in Chicago Politics, the upcoming vote on the smoking ban next week. This is an important issue that sorely needs visibility. I'm a concerned Chicagoan.

3:45 PM  
Blogger ap said...

I totally agree with you. But I think the biggest travesty of all would be a compromise. Anyway, I'll be blogging about it in the next few days ...

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't seen anything on the site even remotely suggesting that you had a vote in anything. Then again, at my age I take a lot longer to read all the fine print - oops, it's not fine print, it just looks like that without my glasses on! Ok, I'll check again later......

1:35 PM  

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