Tuesday, December 27, 2005

FC1 Western Ave. Stop 3: Warren Park

Hey, next time it snows, we don't have to drive all the way to the U.P. just to go sledding. I constantly have to remind myself and others of this because nobody ever remembers Warren Park. Located between Pratt and Devon, this is the largest park on the northside and includes a nine-hole golf course, an ice rink, batting cages, a skateboarding park, and during the summer, a carnival where invariably someone gets shot.

I love dogs that fetch. This little guy would run after the Frisbee and bark until it came down--didn't try to catch it, just barked, and when it fell to the ground, he picked it and raced it back to the owner. Back and forth, back and forth, if it wasn't so damn cold, I'd sit and watch these two for a while longer. Oh, and many dogs don't fetch. I had one in college that was afraid of anything thrown in his direction.

I took this picture to prove to a friend that squirrels don't hibernate. This little rat with a cute tail had a group of friends that came running up to me thinking I was going to feed them. I ran, but they got one of my shoes.


Blogger Marley6 said...

when did you have a dog? what dog???

2:26 PM  
Blogger ap said...

Mick, a little mutt of a wimp that my Green House roommates and I accidentally "found" (or so we told our landlord). Although he was the house dog, I was the one that took him on long walks around the lagoon, where he got beat up by geese but never really learned his lesson. Anyway, after we all moved away, Mick went to live with Thom ...

3:11 PM  

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