Tuesday, December 27, 2005

FC1 Western Ave. Stop 13: Hero's

Ah, Hero's, home of really really great subs. I should know, I attended the factory high school in the background, Lane Tech. Lane is bigger than most Illinois towns, with 5,000 hooligans attending and spilling out into the streets for lunch. I spent quite a bit of time and money at Hero's, and I'm happy that it's still there.

Lane will always be there. And Lane graduates will always be a weird bunch, with a strong sense of pride. Two weeks ago at our work Christmas party, I was talking to my boss, who also graduated from Lane (20 years before I did), and, at one point, here's what we did: We sang the Lane Tech fight song. I don't ever remember trying to learn the darned thing, but there it is, taking up valuable memory space on my brain's hard drive.


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