Tuesday, December 27, 2005

FC1 Western Ave. Stop 15: Don't believe the hype

They might not be the best burritos in town. (Those might be at Garcia's up the road in Lincoln Square.) The chips and salsa are good, but there are better. But I'll tell you what. At 2 a.m., as you're heading home full of cheap beer and cigarette smoke, there's no place better than Arturo's. It's bright, it's loud, and everything tastes amazing ... at 2 a.m. A friend once ventured in during the daytime and he hasn't been the same since. Still, everyone has a place like this, I'm sure: You crave it when you're away, you suggest it when you're back from wherever, and you wonder what you were thinking the next morning.

Kitty corner from Arturo's is another Chicago institution: Margie's Candies. Seriously, they serve the worst ice cream I've ever had, downright generic. And no, the historic ambiance doesn't make up for it.


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