Tuesday, December 27, 2005

FC1 Western Ave. Stop 2: Hello suburbia

Question: Do we really need so many banks in this town? It seems that, with the recent influx of Washington Mutual and First Comme, there are now more banks than taverns in this city. Could this be why we've had a record number of bank robberies this year? Let's ask Margot, the matron of mortgages.

Margot: Well, dear, don't you want to buy one of those cute new construction condos going up on major streets like Western? Well, then, you need to find a friendly neighborhood banker and get yourself a teeny weeny loan ... before the interest rates go up, you know!

Question: Do we really need a Harley Davidson dealership in the city? This is Chicago, where it's impossible to ride a motorcycle four months a year. And why doesn't Illinois have a mandatory helmet law? Let's ask Stan, the Streets and Sans answer man.

Stan: Shut the fuck up! You interrupted my break for this? Get outta here!


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