Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chicago celebs hope to save city's Olympic logo

News Item: Chicago’s 2016 Olympics logo must be trashed in favor of a new one. Whatever billboards, T-shirts and stationery that are still left over bearing that symbol will be deep-sixed as well.
Chicagoans are in a tizzy about the International Olympic Committee's demand to redesign our logo, and prominent area residents have even started a Save-the-Logo campaign. So far, three celebrities have amputated their thumbs and replaced them with the Flaming Sears Tower, as it's officially called.

Studs Terkel makes history with his new thumb and turns 95.

Oprah knows she can't single-handedly change the IOC decision.

Ebert gives the logo the Torch-Up


Anonymous Chicago 2016 said...

Ha, it's not happening. In keeping with Chicago artistic and architectural tradition, however, I propose the torch is replaced with something more phallic.

7:42 PM  
Blogger appopt said...

Can't wait to see the stuffed-animal, smiling Phallic symbol of Chicago as the official mascot during the games

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Chicago 2016 said...

How about just hiring Ron Jeremy?

9:48 PM  

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