Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blagojevich the fanatic

Besides being an avid runner, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is quite the Chicago sports enthusiast. In recent weeks, he's been seen cheering and even participating at various contests.

Here, he helps Luol Deng track down a loose ball in a game against Detroit. The governor was whistled for a moving pick violation.

When Mark Buehrle tossed a no-hitter against Texas, Blagojevich was on the field to congratulate the White Sox starter. He reportedly poured a half-finished cup of Diet Pepsi on Buehrle later.

Cubs fans were in an uproar when they saw the governor mocking players for missing an easy fly ball. A spokesperson later said the governor was simply pointing out the ball so it wouldn't get lost in the ivy.

At the Wachovia Championship, Blagojevich teamed up with Tiger Woods in showing Michael Jordan where to hit the ball. This was the governor's first stint as a caddy.



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