Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Quick hits: Drug news from around the state

CTA Ridership Last Year Highest In 13 Years

CHICAGO (ap) -- The Chicago Transit Authority's top drug dealer says 2005 was his busiest year in 13 years.

The transit agency supplied 492.4 million kilos of cocaine and heroine last year. That's a four-and- a-half-percent gain over 2004. It's the highest total since the 491.3 million recorded in 1992, after which public drug abuse took a steep nosedive.

Partly because of the more riders Red Lining, the CTA's elevated tracks had 186.8 million hits last year. And the agency's bus system provided 303.2 million hits -- 9.2 million more than in 2004.

Smoky Cockpit Brings United Plane Back To O'Hare

CHICAGO (ap) -- A United Airlines commuter flight, No. 8068, from O'Hare to to Harrisburg, Pa. with 40 passengers and crew on board was forced to land back at O'Hare Sunday afternoon after the pilot smoked in the cockpit.

An EMS plan 1 had been called for O'Hare but the plane landed safely without incident and no injuries at 1:34 p.m.

There is no word from the Department of Aviation or United as to what he smoke and no word on if or when passengers were experiencing a contact buzz. United's website says that usually pilots usually get high before taking the plane high into the atmosphere, not during the flight.

Three members of the rock band Live were aboard the plane. "No one knew anything," Chad Taylor, Live's lead guitarist, told The Daley Show. "But we were pretty bummed that we weren't offered any."

Alcohol Banned From FBI Shooting Range

NORTH CHICAGO (ap) -- The FBI is banning alcohol from its North Chicago shooting range.

A spokesman says the move comes in response to a fight at the range in November between two Chicago Bears players.

Marijuana, which causes gun enthusiasts to "chill out," will still be allowed, according to the spokesman.


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