Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FC1 Western Ave. Stop 19: Metra stop

In many countries, every train station is a hub of activity, with shops and restaurants giving commuters a place to grab a bite or pick up groceries before heading home. In Japan, platforms have fast-food ramen stands, where businesspeople slurp down noodles before their train arrives, and vending machines selling soda and beer. Not here. Each Metra station is a vacant slab of concrete with no place to even buy a train ticket. If you're unfamiliar with the track set-up, most likely you'll stand on the wrong side as your train pulls in heading the wrong way. At this stop, there is no safe way to even cross Western Avenue. Taking the train is just not all that inviting. No wonder most people prefer driving.


Anonymous the daughter said...

Nice photograph. I miss taking the train. I live two blocks away from two stations, yet I rarely take the train. I love hearing and seeing the train pass by from my third floor apartment. It's comforting...

8:42 AM  
Anonymous The Mom said...

That's the "L" - the train is further away from you. and when I was visiting you, that noise was anything BUT comforting. Even the cat screeches whenever he hears it. (Ok, I'm exagerating - he whimpers cuz your dad's around annoying him.)

9:43 AM  
Anonymous the daughter said...

Yeah Ma, I know that that's the "L" train. And you get used to the noise. When you don't hear it, you miss it.

11:02 AM  

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