Tuesday, December 13, 2005

'Everybody wants to be mayor'

Which politician sounds like someone you'd like to run this town? Which one sounds more intelligent, more well-spoken, more competent? Which one sounds like the hunter, and which one like a scared little bunny rabbit?

Politician G: "I would love to have the opportunity to serve at the helm of this wonderful, first-class city. What a wonderful privilege and honor that would be."

Politician D: "Everybody would like to be mayor. Everyone would like to be governor. Everyone would like to be president. That's everybody's choice."

Politician G: "I consider him a friend, and sometimes we're allies and sometimes we're not."

Politician D: "I have a good relationship with him and his family. He didn't oppose me. I'm sorry. He never opposed me on NAFTA. My brother was secretary of commerce [under former President] Bill Clinton. I'm sorry. That has nothing to do with me. That has to do with them."

Politician G: "I think the mayor of the city of Chicago has contributed greatly to its growth, its expansion and modernization. He has a wonderful place in the history of this city."

Politician D: "Oh, yeah. All the congressmen are good congressmen. That's one thing I've said. Because you always need congressmen to vote for money [for Chicago]. I don't care if it's Democrats or Republicans. ... You work with all of them."

Politician G: "If I were ever to leave Congress, the only other position of public service and trust that I would want in the world would be to be the mayor of Chicago. But that's independent of what's going on. If you'd asked me five years ago, I would have answered the same way. Does that make me a candidate for mayor of Chicago today? Absolutely not."

Politician D: I'm very proud of my record. Just standing here in this police station. Look at the schools and everything we're basically providing. This city is moving forward as compared to any other city. The changes are moving quicker. Decisions we're making are much better. I'm proud of it."

Politician D is, of course, our very own Mayor Daley, sounding as incoherent as ever, waiting out a year of political scandal. Once considered mayor-for-life, he's down now, and the vultures are circling.

One vulture is Politician G, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a former ally, all but announcing his intent to run against Daley in 2007 during a rally at Humboldt Park Monday night, where he was flanked by Illinois first lady Patti Blagojevich, Ald. Ed Burke (14th) and an assortment of Hispanic elected officials.

The year ahead promises to be an exciting time in the city. I hate to make early bets, especially because the congressman refused to formally announce his intentions, but I will say this: It sure will be awkward to re-name this blog The Gutierrez Show.


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