Monday, April 24, 2006

Aljazeera releases lyrics to Bin Laden's new tape

Yo, yo
The U.S. is a joke, terrorists provoke
My man Zarqawi explained the meaning of gun smoke
If the CIA ain't chasin' you, you a phony
If you're America-embracin', you ain't my homey
If you get killed in Sudan, you goin' to heaven
Be kickin' it with virgins 24/7
Bring the noise, my boys in Hamas
You know I'm still your political boss
We in a Zionest, crusaders' war on Islam
So bring yo AK and don't forget yo tec-nine
We gonna put a hot one up in there
Muthafuggin Westerners ain't got no prayer
We makin' a comeback, gonna drop da bomb
Make 'em forget all about nine-one-one

Lyrics re-printed without permission.


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